WC 17th May 2021

This week, in mathematics, we are learning about Teen numbers and we will be starting Phase 4 in Phonics. Phase 4 is all about consolidating the phonemes (sounds) learnt in phase 2 and 3, and using those sounds when reading and writing longer (polysyllabic ) words. We will continue to practice saying the name of the grapheme (letter) and the phoneme (sound) each grapheme makes.

In our topic, ‘Around the World in 40 days’, we have looked at the different continents in the world. We have looked at landscapes in our world such as woodland and rainforests. We then looked at animals within these landscapes and how they adapt to their habitats. This week, we are going to be looking at the story ‘Dear Zoo’, and thinking about the differences of animals in zoos and animals in the wild.

If you are absent from school due to isolating, then we will send you activities to do and a focused Mathematics and Phonics session daily through Tapestry.

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