Celebration Assembly 1st October

Well done to Liam who was our JIGSAW Champion – using kind words, kind hands and kind feet.


Well done to Arthur H who was our 5R Champion – showing relationship to others, but especially towards other chidlren that find making friends challenging.

Our class representatives for the School Council are Harrison and Bea.

Congratulations to Zach for his Head Teacher award. He did a super drawing of his house and explained his work very carefully.

Zoom Phonic Information Evening

Thank you to everyone that attended the session.

Please find the PowerPoint and recorded video of the session below. Please use the ‘Useful Resources’ page on this blog to find extra videos and links to support your child with Phonics at home.

If you need any advice, resources or have any questions then email me at m.taylor@meadowsideacademy.org.

Thank you.

Mrs Taylor

POWERPOINT USED -P PLEASE CLICK ON ME – Phonics Information Evening 2021

Video of recording –



Big Idea – What does home mean to me?

We will be starting our Big Idea in Reception by looking at our own houses and comparing.

Image result for street in knaresborough

We will be looking at different rooms and describing what we do in those rooms. The dolls house will be out to play with and we will be making houses using shapes.

See the source image

Image result for house from shapes

We will be building houses and using bricks in playdough to do some brick work. Get your builder hats on!

Image result for builder hat

If you are happy to do so, please send a picture of the front of your home to m.taylor@meadowsideacademy.org

Autumn in Reception

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You are all doing a super job at settling into school. I am so proud of you all.

If you are feeling worried, scared, frustrated, angry or uncomfortable, remember you can use some of our mindful techniques. I have added some videos below that we use in the classroom to develop mindfulness and help us return to our calm and happy selves. You can do these at home…you could even do these techniques with your family.


Home Learning – wc 19th July


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I am so lucky to have taught you.


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If you are isolating but well, then here are a few activities for you to do at home. I will send Maths and Phonics daily through Tapestry


READING – Early Reading Comprehension Activity with Sound Buttons

WRITING – We are doing a ‘Time Capsule’ at school to land our Big Idea ”Back to the Future”. I would like you to write a couple of things about your time in Reception. Finish the sentences below.

I have enjoyed….

I did not like…

My friends are….

I am….years old

My name is…..

I am proud of when…

MATHS – I would like you to make a hand origami fortune teller. Use the pictures to help you. Instead of writing a sentence or drawing a picture on each section, I would like you to write a number sentence .e.g. 3+4= then I would like you to answer the questions when you play with your finished origami fortune teller.

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Home Learning wc 28th June 2021

This week, we are going to looking at subtraction. We will continue to learn phase 4 in Phonics. We will also be comparing the fire service in 1666 in the time of The Great Fire of London, and the fire service now.

If your child is isolating and well enough to work, then please complete the activities in the chart below. Phonics and Maths will be sent daily on Tapestry.

Thank you.

Mrs Taylor and the Reception Team

FINE MOTOR ACTIVITY SHEET – bath b and d activity


Image result for subtraction Image result for CVCC Words Image result for fire engine 1666 Image result for fire engine 1666

See the source image

Image result for fire engine 1666

Image result for fire engine 1666

WC 21st June 2021

This week, we are continuing to look at The Fire of London. In Mathematics, we are looking at patterns in colour, shape and numbers. In Phonics, we are continuing to consolidate our phase 2 and 3.

Image result for Shape Repeating Patterns See the source image Image result for fire of london

If your is isolating then please complete the activities in the blog chart below. Maths and phonics will be sent daily through Tapestry. Please take photos of your work and share it with me on Tapestry.

Thank you.

PLEASE CLICK TO OPEN – blog wc 21st June