Celebration 1st December

Well done to Crystal for sharing the skills she knows you need to show friendship.

Well done to Ted for showing relationship. He noticed his friend was in the blue zone and so he encouraged his friend to join him in the reading area to share a story together. His friend soon felt happier and was then in the green zone.

Celebration Assembly 10th November 2022

Well done to Sophia for helping others during learning and playing. You show wonderful Relationship.

Well done to James for showing resilience when he was feeling in the yellow zone about going on our school trip. It was wonderful to see you feeling happy on the trip and showing us how you had moved into the green zone of regulation. Great Resilience! We are proud of you.

Big Idea – Autumn 2 – ‘I am an Explorer’.


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This half term we are going on lots of adventures! We will think about the word ‘Explore’ and when we may have used that word. We will spark curiosity and look at some modern and past Explorers. We will then go on our own adventure to explore Jacob Smith’s Park. The children will take their learning forward. I can imagine that we are going to have lots of space rockets, ships and airplanes built in the big construction area.

If you have been on your own adventure and would like to share this with the children, please let Mrs Taylor or Mrs Meynell know. We would love for you to pop in and share your own stories with the children.

Please find the Newsletter link below. This is sent out as an email at the beginning of each term. Please also keep an eye on Tapestry. We have lots of updates that we know you would love to see.

Newsletter – Autumn 2 2022

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